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Ships arriving or departing the port of Cape Town, South Africa

Arranged in date order of arrival in Cape Town

1842, March 4th "GEORGE" Gravesend
1842, April 22nd "BROXBORNEBURY" Portsmouth Bombay
1845, November 23rd "DUKE OF ARGYLL" Gravesend Madras
1849, April 15th "MARY ANN" London Downs, Madras
1849, November 27th "ECLIPSE"   Emigrant Ship Plymouth


1852, October 10th "GREAT BRITAIN"  Liverpool / St Helena Port Phillip / Sydney
1852, October 25th


Plymouth / St Vincent Port Phillip
1852, November 6th "SARAH SANDS" Liverpool / Cork Port Phillip
1853, April 2nd


Natal  Algoa Bay /  Mossel Bay
1853, April 21st "RMS LADY JOCELYN" Plymouth St Vincent / Ascension / Natal / Mauritius / Ceylon / Madras / Calcutta
1853, May 13th  "ARM MELBOURNE" Sydney Melbourne / Adelaide / King George Sound
1853, May 22nd  "RMS INDIANA" Southampton St Vincent / Ascension / Mauritius / Ceylon / Madras / Calcutta
1853, June 5th  "RMS MAURITIUS" Calcutta Madras / Point de Galle / Mauritius / Southampton
1853, June 18th  "QUEEN OF THE SOUTH" Calcutta Madras / Point de Galle / Mauritius
1853, June 23rd "R M St CALCUTTA" Southampton Plymouth, St Vincent, Ascension, Mauritius, Ceylon, Madras, Calcutta.
1853, June 29th "ANTELOPE"   Liverpool Queenstown / Madeira / St Vincent / Rio / to Adelaide / Melbourne / Sydney
1853, August 18th  "RMS INDIANA" Calcutta Point de Galle / Mauritius / Madras
1853, June 18th  "QUEEN OF THE SOUTH" Plymouth St Helena / Mauritius / Ceylon / Madras / Calcutta
1857, July 27th   "R M St TYNEMOUTH" Dartmouth Mauritius/Madras/Calcutta
1867, June 28th  "ENGLAND" Dartmouth Mauritius/Madras/Calcutta
1857, August 6th  "CLEOPATRA" Portsmouth Singapore
1880, April 3rd  "RMS GRANTULLY CASTLE" Algoa Bay Mossel Bay / England
1880, April 12th "S S ACONCAGUA"  London  
1880, April 13th  "WALMER CASTLE" Cape Town England
1880, April 15th  "SS GERMAN" Plymouth Madeira /Algoa Bay / Natal / East London
1880, May 20th  "KINFAUNS CASTLE" London / Dartmouth  
1880, May 2nd "RMS CONWAY CASTLE" Port Elizabeth  
1880, May 3rd "TORRENS" Adelaide London
1880, May 5th "EDINBURGH CASTLE"    
1880, May 11th "SS AFRICAN"   Natal
1880, May 16th "DUBLIN CASTLE" Algoa Bay / Cape Town London
1880, May 26th "BARON ABERDARE" London  
1880, May 31st "TAYMOUTH CASTLE" Dartmouth  
1880, June 4th "WARWICK CASTLE" London / Dartmouth  
1880, June 8th "RODNEY" Adelaide Cape Town / London
1880, June 30th "SS NORTHUMBERLAND" Melbourne Cape Town
1881, August 24th "DUART CASTLE" England Cape Town / SA Coastal Ports
1881, August 25th  "KINFAUNS CASTLE" London / Dartmouth Cape Town/Algoa Bay/Natal
1881, August 30th "SS AMALFI" Hamburg Cape Town
1881, August 30th "TEUTON" (sank 30th Aug.1881)


Cape Town
1881, August 31st "RMS DURBAN" Plymouth Madeira
1881, September 11th "DUNROBIN CASTLE" London / Dartmouth Madeira /St Helena/Algoa Bay / Natal / East London
1881, September 12th "R.M.S ROMAN"   Plymouth Madeira
1881, October, 26th "CARLTON TOWER" Plymouth Madeira
1881, November 9th "HANKOW" Plymouth  
1951, February 22nd "RMMV STIRLING CASTLE"    Southampton Cape Town, Madeira, Durban, Port ELizabeth

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