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 The Women of South Africa in 1913 -  Find out more here....


"The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there."  L P Hartley


Welcome to "South African Genealogy" a website dedicated to helping you find your South African ancestors.  Here you will find lists of passengers arriving or departing the port of Cape Town mostly during the 1800's, books and CDs of colonial records and local history,  links to specialist South African and International genealogical websites and more....all aimed at making your South African Family History research a little easier. 

The DataArchive contains lists of passengers, details of shipwrecks and their lucky or not so lucky passengers, lists of medical practitioners in the 1800's, German Settler marriages and much more. Click on  the link above to take you on your fact finding mission.

The Links page is a directory of useful specialist websites covering important aspects of  South African family history research.  Libraries and Museums, Military, Cemeteries, helpful Societies, ships and passengers, settlers and a host of International Genealogical sites too. Jump in and have fun.

South African Genealogy will be adding new material regularly...SO...bookmark this page now and visit often to see what's new.

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